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#SIBLING FEELS #srsly what would i do if one of the girls tossed themselves off a building #….damn i would be so pissed off #and y’know relieved they weren’t really dead #but mainly pissed off #’DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY WAYS THAT PLAN COULD’VE GONE WRONG?! #YOU’RE SO IRRESPONSIBLE JESUS CHRIST IN HEAVEN #WE’RE GOING TO TALK TO MUM RIGHT FUCKING NOW’ #also i love mycroft’s face here #he’s just like sorry mother I KNOW I KNOW he’s always been the bad son #i do love him though so we should probs fix him up #do you have any of that lemon drizzle cake he likes? #i’ll put him down on this sofa and put the kettle on #and sherlock is just like I AM PERFECTLY FINE but mycroft if you let me go and i fall in front of mummy i will kill you #holmes brothers have the best dynamic ever tbh

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